We aim to serve as your competent and reliable partner on your project.

What We Do.

At Welcome Design and Build we truely are dedicated to providing a service and product that will enspire you for the days ahead in your new home or extension. Our 35 years experience in the industry is testament to our dedication to make us stand out from the rest.

Working closely with local authorities and architects ensures that your project will be compliant and safe for the years ahead.

We will supply documented build programmes for you to follow so that you know when each stage will occurr and when the project will be finished. This will help you plan your finances and budget accordingly.

Fully documented Quality checks are carried out at each stage, eliminating any damages or mistakes and so reducing any chance of over running on the build programme.

The Proccess

Think of what you want to achieve, what you would like and ultimately what your budget is. Our advice is to "want what you are doing". Think realisticaly and practically. Do you have the land required or is it available.

We will give you an approximate idea of the potential costs involved before you go too far down the Line.

We can then advise through the next part...Planning. We can advise a local architect near you who will produce the drawings and submit them for planning if required. Once we have the drawings completed we will give you a firm Quote (not an estimate).

Once planning has been approved it is time to start the build.

All of our projects are staged payments not weekly. Each stage will be costed for you to ensure that you only pay for what you have been given. Hopefully this will give you peace of mind and a reassurance that we will provide and fullfill our promise.

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